Lower Your Risk

The last two years America’s weather has been more severe than any time in its history, and a powerful tool is required to safeguard your staff and customers. Should you close your facility or open late? Do you need to evacuate? It is time to lower your overall exposure to weather events and natural hazards with the power and insight of Alerts Broadcaster.

Facility-Level Alerts

Your most important assets are not just brick and mortar. Your staff and patrons deserve to be protected from weather and natural hazards with a comprehensive and timely safety system. With Alerts Broadcaster, your staff will receive location specific alerts and most importantly, specific directions on how to prepare. You can no longer trust that free weather app or site, it's just not worth the risk.

Threat Briefings

To maximize safety levels, ensure business continuity and lower liability, automated alerts are coupled with an Alerts Broadcaster Briefing Service. These email and video briefings provide a narrative of major weather events that will impact your facilities with the ability to ask questions and get the answers you need on your schedule. Now you can take the uncertainty out of extreme weather.

The right blend of technology and meteorological expertise to provide your business the information needed to protect your employees, consumers and facilities when disasters threaten your enterprise.

“Last year when Hurricane Irene threatened a direct strike on millions of Americans in New York and this April as more than 100 tornadoes struck the Midwest, Paul Douglas and the Alerts Broadcaster Briefing Service were there to help Wells Fargo understand complex and fast-moving threats, make timely decisions, and most importantly, keep team members and customers safe.”
Chris TerzichVP, Enterprise Incident Management - Wells Fargo
“Your briefings are always informative and I appreciate every single one of them. I am getting phone calls from team members within Wells Fargo and I use the information you provide as an update to them. They are very happy to hear that we have a chief meteorologist providing us with information. Thank you again!”
Michelle SmithAssistant VP, Enterprise Incident Management - Wells Fargo

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